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Genius Pages

Normally sells for $47/month - $297/month

Genius Pages: Build websites and sales funnels in minutes with a true drag and drop builder, Genius Pages!

Genius Pages is always growing and building out more features that are requested by our users. Unlike the some of the other funnel and site builders out there (ClickFunnels), we have a dedicated engineering team constantly growing and improving our software.

With features like being able to sell things (e-commerce is major blood vein for any business); smart pixeling (pixel visitors appropriately by their behaviors); one click upsells (a necessary tool in the arsenal to increase sales); and, one click downsells (another tool to help convert visitors with a last chance sale).

We're not done yet! Here are just a few features we are building for you right now: templates (create pages from quick, ready to use designs and layouts); share site links (be able to share your site or funnel with others for them to use); make everything faster (from building to loading to launching, it will all be a lot faster very soon); locked share sites (No One In The Industry Has This Feature - Share Your Site and Control What They Do With It - Don't Let Them Share It Too & You Can Even Lock Their Site Down If They Don't Keep Paying You, Too) and, much more!

Websites are NOT dead! You need a website, just like you need sales funnels. They are both essential for your business to survive in today's digital world. 

Brizy Cloud

Normally sells for $9/month - $39/month

Brizy Cloud: Creating highly converting websites, landing page & Blogs in a Breeze!

Connect with potential customers, collect leads, build no-code websites. Hosting free on Brizy Cloud!

Code free drag & drop builder allow you to easy build landing page to convert more visitors into customers.

Lighting fast page speeds that drive more customers your way.

Premium design optimized for conversion. Put together your landing page in minutes with more than 700 premium designed blocks, 150 page layouts and 45 popups optimized for conversion.

Sticky Reviews

Normally sells for $15/month - $47/month

Use social proof with Sticky Reviews conversion rate optimization tool and get more sales!

Sticky Reviews: Use social proof with Sticky Reviews conversion rate optimization tool and get more sales!

Sticky Reviews helps covert more website visitors into signups and purchases. Keep your acquisition costs down with social proof that will lower your ad spend. People trust companies they other people buy from, also; so, we will help you increase your visitor's trust. Create FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) when other visitors see other people taking action, they'll will want to jump in, too!

With our easy to use setup, Sticky Reviews can be deployed in just 10 minutes on any site! Our really simple setup allows you to login, watch a quick setup video, and you'll have social proof showing on your site in just a few minutes.

Upload real reviews from real customers. Inside Sticky Reviews, you can do this manually; or, you can use our automated review links and add reviews that meet your minimum star rating. This will help you convert more leads and those leads into more sales.

Sticky Reviews, also, features exit pop ups to give you one more chance to engage with visitors as they go to leave your sites. Our review links allow you to completely automate collecting reviews and display them on your website or funnel.

Clickfunnels Easy Page Cloner

Genius Messenger CRM is everything you need to optimize a sales pipeline with Messenger!

Clickfunnel Easy Page Cloner: Clone any clickfunnels sales funnel in 2 clicks!

Clickfunnels Easy Page Cloner is a very simple software that allows you to quickly copy any clickfunnels page in the world and paste it into your own clickfunnels account. I built this software to save me a huge amount of time when building funnels on clickfunnels.

Groove Cloner

Genius Posts automates comments on your post to gain more engagement and profits!

Groove Page Cloner: Easily copy any Groovefunnels page in 2 simple clicks!

You may be wanting to copy a successful proven profitable funnel you've found on the internet. With Groove Cloner you can do that in just a few seconds. Groove Cloner will alert you any time you are on a page that can be easily copied right into your Groovefunnels account, then you just click the copy button and boom just like that the funnel is now yours to paste into your Groovefunnels account.

Maybe you just built your page using the wrong page type and you don't want to rebuild the entire thing, Groove Cloner has you covered for that as well. Just use our simple tool to move the page to the right page type.

Groove cloner will save you hours and hours of time. You may be just one funnel away and with Groove Cloner you'll be able to get that one funnel much faster and easier.

Swift Performace Pro

Normally sells for $49/year

Get targeted fresh leads and automate your cold outreach virtually on autopilot!

Swift Performance Pro: Speed up WordPress with one click!

Speed up your site is not rocket science anymore.

Up to 440% faster WordPress, Set up with one click, No coding knowledge required.

All in one speed optimization including Caching, Image Optimization, Database Optimization, CSS & JS Optimization, Plugin Organizer, Many more....

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