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Invoicing You

Normally sells for $47/month - $97/month

Invoicing You: It's never been so easy for your customers to buy your products and services online!

Invoicing You is a very simple to use online invoicing system that allows you to easily send invoices to your clients; and, it, also, allows you to sell your products online, too! Payments are securely processed by Stripe. It is so easy to use our software to sell your services or products; but, more importantly, it's even easier for your clients to pay you for them!

Invoicing You is extremely powerful! You can handle multiple currencies (over 160 currencies accepted); subscription billing (create custom, auto renewing subscriptions); tax and vat (apply local tax or VAT to taxable items); group buying (group discounts that can go viral); safe and secure (payments are safe, secure, and PCI compliant); products (sell products with limits like time or quantity); invoice widgets (provide more info about your services or products); and, 3rd party integration (integrate with over 250 other applications).

In today's digital world, Invoicing You makes it easy to collect money online. It allows you to create invoices for your clients to pay online in seconds! You can easily sell your services and, also, your products online, as well. There are even unique ways you can create offers with pricing that allows you to sell more quickly; and, you are even be able to create buying frenzies!

Invoicing You integrates with Zapier; so, you can automate the creation of invoices or even fulfillment! You can even use your marketing and tracking pixels on your invoices, also! 

Panda Checkout

Normally sells for $27/month

Panda Checkout: Finally set up one click upsell in Chatbot!

Build dynamic & seamless checkout for your chatbot!

Panda checkout want to build the most comprehensive checkout platform for chatbot. You can create dynamic & seamless checkout experience right inside of your chatbot.

Dynamic Checkout: The value, the payment gateway, the payment cycle can all be dynamic, generate checkout link in seconds.

✅ Seamless Checkout experience: Receive instant purchase notification in chatbot.

✅ Support major Chatbot platform: Manychat, UChat, Chatfuel, Chatrace are all supported.

One Click Upsell: The first platform that bring the one click upsell to your chatbot

Support PayPal & Stripe: Both Paypal & Stripe, and both one time payment & subscription are supported

Zapier/Integromat Integration: Integrate with 1000+ 3rd party apps through our Zapier/Integromat Integration.

The Ultimate Checkout solution for your chatbot.

Support Main Chatbot



✅ Chatfuel

✅ Chatrace

Support Payment Gateway

Stripe & Paypal

One time payment & Subscription

More local payment gateway.

Link Wizard

Normally sells for $7/month - $197/month

Link Wizard: THE software that lets you understand, control, and track all of your traffic!

Link Wizard is a very powerful link management software. It allows you to create custom short links, track clicks, and, get in-depth analytics. You can also add as many tracking pixels as you want to any of your short, smart links. You can even fire off custom pixel events!

With Link Wizard, you get a software packed full of features to boost your business the right way! The features that are included are: unlimited links and clicks; ability to add pixels to your links; track important metrics about the clicks; customize the share preview; pass URL parameters to your links; trigger file downloads on link clicks; control when people can access links; control where links redirect to; automate link creation; and, round robin link clicks!

Link Wizard gives you the real power and control over all the links you share! You can turn any link into a short, pretty, fully traceable, brand-able, and customizable link. Imagine being able to change a link in any social post, email, SMS, chatbot message, etc that you created days or even years ago! No more apologies for sending the wrong link and no more dead links anywhere on the internet!

With the ability to brand, track, optimize, customize, control, and even profit from the links you create in Link Wizard, you can boost your business right away! 

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