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Normally sells for $97/month - $997/month

Automate nearly all of your marketing with chirply's multi-channel automation!

Chirply: Automate nearly all of your marketing with Chirply's multi-channel automation!

Chirply is more than just another place to store your contacts. It allows you to send and receive text and multimedia messages; make live phone calls right from your web browser; send ringless voicemail messages; setup automated outreach campaigns; and, much more!

Not just another CRM (customer relationship manager). Chirply makes it simple. It has dynamic services that can be adjusted to suit your needs and your client's! Worried about getting leads into your contacts? We have inbuilt lead generation. You can even grab leads from Google Business, Yelp, newly registered domains, and even straight from Facebook!

Chirply is loaded with features: lead generation (grab leads right from Google Business, Yelp, FB, and ICANN); ringless voicemail (send pre-recorded messages to your contact's voicemail); two-way SMS (send and receive text messages); two-way phone calls (send and receive phone calls in the browser or even forward them to your cell); professional IVRs (integrated voice response - like a virtual secretary that gets your call to the right place); auto-responders (both email and text to help keep the communication flowing); sales bridge (route communications to the right people at the right time); drip campaigns (nurture your leads and keep in touch with them); and, much, much more!

Chirply is like a crown jewel! It is a rare gem; and, you won't find any single software out there that does everything Chirply can do! It is our most loved and used software in our collection!

Domain Leads

Normally sells for $47/month - $197/month

Get leads daily from people that have recently registered a new website domain!

Domain Leads: Get leads daily from people that have recently registered a new website domain!

Let's face the reality. Without leads coming in, there is no business. The major hitch every vendor and affiliate faces is getting fresh leads that you can connect with. Domain Leads has ensured that detailed information about your leads is available to you; like what is the best number to contact your leads with.

Domain Leads' powerful filters help you sort by TLDs, location, date of registration, valid or verified contact information, and much, much more. This will allow you to search for specific domains quickly.

With the work done for you, Domain Leads takes the first step by verifying the information. Real, valid, and verified phone numbers are provided for all your leads; and, you are able to see what type of number it is: landline, cell phone, or VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol).

Domain Leads has a built in user-friendly CRM (customer relationship manager). Not only do we provide fresh, high quality leads, we also ensure that it is loaded into our user friendly CRM. Jump in, unlock your leads, and explore! 

Robo Contact

Normally sells for $497/month

Get targeted fresh leads and automate your cold outreach virtually on autopilot!

Robo Contact: Get targeted fresh leads and automate your cold outreach virtually on autopilot!

Robo Contact allows you to search for targeted leads. You can search for leads by location and keywords like, "Roofers in Columbus, Ohio".

You can contact leads with a built in CRM (customer relationship management). Robo Contact also allows you to then export these leads into a CSV file to view in Excel, Google Sheets, another spreadsheet, or utilize the built in CRM for reach out on autopilot.

Auto fill out contact forms and submit them automatically! Robo Contact can automatically fill out the "Contact Us" forms on your leads' websites. You can create a predefined email template that is submitted during these campaigns in Robo Contact.

Cold emails sent on autopilot? You bet! With the ability to connect your Google or SMTP email service and Robo Contact, you can send out mass cold email campaigns, too, with automated follow-up sequences that you create,

Magic Zap

Normally sells for $27/month - $97/month

Personalize, track, and engage your site visitors with Magic Zap's simple, powerful software!

Magic Zap: Personalize, track, and engage your site visitors with Magic Zap's simple, powerful software!

Magic Zap is a very powerful and magical software! It will allow you to present personalized dynamic websites to your visitors. Also, it allows you to send follow up emails, calls, SMS, or chatbot messages while your visitors are on your site, engaged and ready to buy. You have to have this tool if you want to be competitive!

Create personalized and pre-populated forms. Increase your sales and conversions by removing the hassle of inputting redundant information. Magic Zap can personalize your landing page and populate the forms automatically.

Magic Zap can track your website views and traffic. Get the data and analytics that you need. Do not let sales fall through the cracks! Create a way that different platforms are able to communicate with each other; so, that you can convert your traffic.

You can trigger Zapier automation on specific website activities. Track your users as they progress through your sales funnel. Magic Zap allows your website to seamlessly communicate with other apps and software. Follow up with visitors while they are on your site! 

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