Hey, I'm Matthew 😛

I help build automation for business from lead generation, funnels to the sales & conversion!

So, you probably want to know more about me, that's why you are on this page, right?

Well, Let me start with a few bullet points about me:

- I'm not a guru, don't have fancy cars, and make big money(just like most of us)

- I am passionate about automation, and also a data geek, hence I play with a lot of softwares, platforms, and implement a lot of data tracking.

- I am father of 2 lovely kids, we live in Australia now, spent more then 30 years in China before we moved out here.

- I don't believe there is quick tricks to get success, there is a lot of hard work to make it happen.

And I'm trying to help business owners in 3 ways:

- I write free content about automations, funnels, organic & paid traffic to bring leads, and converting them into sales.

- I create in-depth and short mini course for people who don't want to waste time, but want to get things done quickly.

- I sell softwares, some softwares are build by me and my team, and also some softwares I just resell them.

So, that's the long story short.

I will update the page with more details in the future.

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