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Instantly connect with right customer avatar & follow up with them systematically, convert hot leads into customers!

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FriendConnector Pro

Normally sells for $47/month

Friend Connector Pro: Instantly connect with new friends and the right customer avatar with a single click!

Friend Connector Pro allows you to connect with friends in one click!

If you don't have time to send friend requests manually, then this is the right extension for you! You can add your keyword to target the people and the right avatar you want to add to your profile. This will be done automatically for you on autopilot.

No more spending hours a day, for weeks on end, searching to find the right people to connect with. After you connect with them, you can even send them messages right away to start nurturing your new leads and build a relationship with them!

Save yourself a ton of time by using Friend Connector to help you connect with the people you want to.

Genius Messenger CRM

Normally sells for $97/month

Genius Messenger CRM: Never lose track of a Facebook Prospect again!

Genius Messenger CRM provides everything needed to optimize and organize a sales pipeline inside your Facebook Messenger.

No more sorting through Messenger messages to find where a prospect is in the sales pipeline. No more typing the same thing over and over and over again. No more copying and pasting links to leads. No more wondering who there are appointments with, or when they are supposed to be called or when to send a follow up message.

With customizable color-coded labels, each Facebook friend can be tagged with a proper label: prospect, lead, hot lead, client, friend, family, etc. Keep track of everyone ever messaged in Messenger and never lose a sale ever again!

Schedule Notifications: For now, easily schedule reminder notifications right inside Messenger and get a browser notification. Calendar and Zapier integrations are coming; so, then, you can automate the whole process and sync your calendars.

Track your leads

Built-in Messenger CRM

Color-coded labels

✅ Canned Response

Schedule Notifications

Google Calendar Integration

More calendar integration coming

Zapier integration coming

Post Profits

Normally sells for $97/month

Post Profits Pro: Automate comments on your post to gain more engagement and profits!

Automate comments on your post and gain more engagement and profits on autopilot!

Automatically respond to all the comments on your posts to get the absolute maximum exposure with the highest possible engagement!

When activated, Post Profits will automatically respond to all comments on your post, based on your preset conditions, and will strategically leverage the Facebook algorithm to get you the greatest level of post exposure and the very best engagement. Your post will be shown more, seen more, and have more interaction.

Genius Posts will also send out private messages through Facebook Messenger with your information, such as a call-to-action link, which will keep people commenting on your post to get your information. 

Works everywhere

✅ Works with Your personal profile

✅ Works within Facebook Group

✅ Works with Your business page

Save Massive Time

Easily automate commenting

Save time to grow your business

Send out Direct message through messenger with CTA Link

Genius Scheduler

Normally sells for $97/month

Genius Scheduler: Pre-schedule your FB posts on your personal Facebook Profile!

Pre-schedule your FB Posts on your personal Facebook Profile with few clicks. Check your schedule posts on your calendar and so much more.

Using Genius Scheduler to map out your entire content & promotional schedule!

With content library, you will be able to save any of post into your content idea library, so that you can model them at a later date.

Genius Scheduler makes it very easy for you to look at, measure and gauge your content scheduler and content type distribution so that you can make sure you have the perfect content mix.

Works everywhere

✅ Works with Your personal profile

✅ Works within Facebook Group

✅ Works with other people personal profile

Save Massive Time

Easily automate commenting

Save time to grow your business

Schedule post with images.

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